World of Warquest is a game obsessed over by Jason Fox. The game is a leveling game, with the player being an orc. Jason becomes extremely addicted to it, so much so that, that his Mom physically carries away him from the computer after playing it for hours non-stop. After getting too annoyed at Jason, Andy says that if he doesn't stop, she will call in the "heavy artillery." She then calls in Paige who says that she loves that game. This makes Jason sick and he vows to never play it again. 

However, Jason is seen playing it later. He becomes good friends with a player. Once he used a quest of with him to get out of eating eggplant tacos. After finding out she is a girl, he gets nervous and says he does not want to get cooties. The player responds back and says he sounds a girl from her school named Jason. Jason realizes that this girl is Eileen Jacobson, and becomes tormented with what to do about the situation. The player (Eileen) later says she thinks this "Jason fella" is annoying and has a major crush on her. Jason then screams in agony. But Eileen then says, "Gotcha Jason." She reveals that Marcus Jones told her Jason's username, and that she tricked him. 

Jason is seen numerous times throughout Foxtrot playing this game. It is thought to be based on the computer game "World of Warcraft".