Welcome to Jasorassic Park is the twelfth book collection of FoxTrot strips, featuring almost all of the strips originally published from March to December of 1997. Its contents were reprinted in Camp FoxTrot.

The book's cover is based on the story arc that ran from May 19-24, in which Paige has a nightmare about being trapped in a park full of cloned dinosaurs brought to life by Jason (parodying the then-recent film Jurassic Park: The Lost World), with the title coming from a line said by Jason in strip published on May 22nd.

The strip originally published on April 1, 1997, which was drawn by Nancy cartoonists, Guy and Brad Gilchrist, for April Fool's Day and featured Jason defeating Darth Vader in battle and then having Vader reveal herself to be Nancy, is not reprinted here (or in Camp FoxTrot). In its place, only a few pieces of the first panel can be seen, while a pair of Quincyraptors from the above-mentioned Jurassic Park parody run away, the implication being that they have eaten the strip. However, the strip can still be viewed in the FoxTrot and FoxTrot Classic pages on