Phoebe Wu
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.33.13 AM
Name Phoebe Wu
Age 10
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Eugene
Relationship Marcus (hinted at)
Hair Color Black
Friends Marcus, Jason, Eileen
Enemies Eugene

Phoebe Wu is Eileen's best friend. She has an older brother named Eugene. Marcus is shown to have a crush on her. She is ten, like Jason. She went to the same science summer camp that Jason and Marcus went to. She and Eileen had a prank war with Jason and Marcus at camp.

Appearance Edit

Phoebe has black hair and glasses, she wears a green shirt and teal shorts. She appeared later in the strip so, as a result, her appearance has not changed.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Jason: Jason hasn't had many interactions with Phoebe. In the "Camp Foxtrot" story arc Eileen and Phoebe launch a prank war against Jason and Marcus. In the "Encyclopedias Brown and White" story arc Phoebe thinks that the boys stole her camp journal.

Marcus: Marcus is shown to like Phoebe. He says it isn't in a like like way but they are friends.

Eileen: Phoebe is friends with Eileen Jacobson. They became best friends at Camp Bohrmore.

Eugene: We know from the start that Phoebe hates her brother, due the fact that when Jason asked her if he was cool, she burst out laughing. She dislikes him, especially after he tries to destroy Phoebe's friendship with Jason, Marcus, and Eileen.

Personality Edit

Phoebe is friends with Eileen Jacobson, Jason Fox and, Marcus Jones. They all became best friends at Camp Bohrmore. Marcus is friendly towards them while Jason isn't. Eileen and Phoebe have only appeared four times together. Twice in Sunday strips and two times in really long story arcs. The first one was when they were at summer camp and the second was when Pheobe visited them.

Trivia Edit

  • Phoebe goes to a different school so as a result she is not seen a lot.