Mr. Krimpshaw is the principal at Peter's school. He appears in a story arc in which Peter punches Mike Barnes in the nose.

Prior to his appearances, he is shocked when Mike comes and tells him about this altercation.

He shows up in the Tuesday strip of the arc, asking to play tiebreaker, when Peter says doing so was stupid, while Steve says it was great.

Suddenly, he takes Peter into his office, and tells him how disturbing this event was, as he never wanted to hear about any prize student of his being involved in fisticuffs. He asks how one punishes a potential valedictorian, and what to do with him, which he respectively answers, "Lightly" and to just pass him a gun. With both males knowing that fighting cannot be tolerated, Mr. Krimpshaw sentences Peter to two weeks of detention, one of clean-up detail, three months of probation, actually happening the fall after (all three of which he calmly accepts), and, to his outrage, he will call his parents. He sarcastically declares his love for his job in his head while Peter beseeches him.