Miss O'Malley
Miss O'Malley
Name Mrs. O'Malley
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown

Miss O'Malley is Jason's 5th-grade teacher. She often gets frustrated with Jason, even when Jason tries to help. She confronted Jason and Marcus for making an extreme sound system during a class presentation, but she said she had to give them credit; she'd never seen the class more "alert."

Appearance Edit

In the old comics, Miss O'Malley's design got updated to mostly the design we know today but with a slightly longer face.

Finally, her face became more straightened and she became thinner.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Jason: Miss O'Malley likes Jason to an extent. Unlike his previous teacher Mrs. Grinchley, she approves of when he goes above and beyond what’s required.


According to Jason, she is: "Young, idealistic, enthusiastic, energetic, organized, and about 100 more times on the ball than Miss Grinchley ever was." We know that she can get tired of grading Jason's papers sometimes, as he does go way overboard at points.


  • She likes taking the class on field trips, though in a more literal approach, as she takes them to actual fields.