Geometry Demon

Name Geometry Demon
Status Possibly Alive?
Gender Male
Enemies Paige

The Geometry Demon is a character who appeared in a story arc from May 31 - June 4, 1988. He's an evil character who is supposed to "cause you unbelievable pain and torment."


The Geometry Demon resembles your average cartoon devil. He has a pointed tail, wings, horns, and a little pitchfork. His nose and facial features resemble that of Quincy. This could be in relation to Paige's hate of Quincy.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Paige: The demon appeared to Paige in a story arc where Paige was doing her Algebra homework. As stated by him he was to cause her unbelievable torment.


He is most likely a figment of Paige's imagination as Paige said: "My mind has snapped and I'm only 14." He is shown to be extremely knowledgeable about math as he said: "Let's talk Geometry, Angles, Bisectors, Eclipses, Arc Length, Pi.


  • He is last seen in a comic where Paige smashes him inside her workbook.