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This wiki about FoxTrot, by Bill Amend, that anyone can edit. Hello! I would like to welcome you to the FoxTrot Wiki! The number one encyclopedia for Foxtrot comic series! Have a great time reading, editing, and adding to this wiki! Thanks! If anyone needs help, or needs to ask questions, contact ObiWanKenobiJesus!163 articles since the start of this wiki! Foxtrot begin publishing in 1988 as a daily strip, but was turned into a Sunday comic in 2006. The comic centers around a family of five, and their day to day life and adventures.


  • Jason Fox- The know it all main character of the series.
  • Paige Fox- The teenage older sister who is obsessed with Makeup and Fashion.
  • Peter Fox- The older brother who can't seem to gain weight.
  • Roger Fox- The hardworking Dad of the family who loves dip.
  • Andy Fox- The hardworking Mom who's cooking is slightly below average.

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FoxTrot is a comic strip with attitude, wit and a big dose of reality. Bill Amend’s brilliant understanding of sibling rivalry and generational struggles comes to life in a refreshing blend of humor and truth. Readers of all ages will love this glimpse into family life with the FoxTrot gang. Come and laugh with Roger and Andy, and their kids Peter, Paige and Jason.

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