Denise Russo
FoxTrot Denise Russo

Name Denise Russo
Age 16
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relationship Peter
Hair Color Blonde
Friends Peter

Denise Russo is Peter's blind girlfriend. She first appeared on September 20, 1988. She then appeared in a story arc where Peter took her to La Maison Rouge. She then appeared in one where Mike Barnes teased her, causing Peter to punch him in the nose. First, she was mad at Peter when she heard about it, up until the point where she found out he was teasing her. She appeared in a story arc where Peter was in love with another girl. She's appeared in one where Paige was dancing with some sleazy guy. She appeared in one where she and Peter were home alone studying. She's also appeared in one where Peter came over for Thanksgiving. After that, she mostly appeared in short comics like ones where Peter lies to Andy so he can go to Denise's and ones where he had to get rid of Paige, Jason and/or Marcus so he can have some alone time with her. She then was mentioned in one where Jason used his telescope to spy on her.  She was phased out of the strips but has been mentioned in a Sunday strip when Peter was grounded and dressed up as Paige in an attempt to escape and go to her house.

Appearance Edit

In the original comics from the 1980's her appearance was a bit different. Her face was longer, her hair was a bit different, her ears were drawn different, and her nose also was different.

Later as Bill Amend's drawing style changed her design got updated to mostly the design we know today but with a slightly longer face.

Finally, her face became straightened.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Peter: Peter and Denise are very close, and kiss constantly, although they do have their share of fights. Peter once attempted to break up with her so he could date other girls and "develop socially," but had a change of heart when he realized dating is not a rite of passage and there is no "appropriate" romance, and later admitted he was subject to peer pressure and media stereotypes.

Personality Edit

Denise has a manipulative streak and knows exactly how to get what she wants from Peter. In several strips, Paige and Jason blackmail him with photographs of the two together.