Calvin's Hobbies

Calvin's Hobbies

Bill and BillEdit

To watch a video consisting of Bill Amend telling how he is connected to Bill Watterson, click here.

Calvin and Hobbes Edit

Calvin and Hobbes are featured often in FoxTrot- but rather subtly. For example, when Jason and Marcus are trying to build a rocket for a competition, the hobby shop they buy their engines from is calles Calvin's Hobbies. Gotta say Bill Amend is clever. Also, Calvin and Hobbes are featured in a lot of waiting lines and crowds. You have to look for them, though. In a certain strip, the house is tilting and one of the parents tells Peter to take his comics to another part of the house, implying that Peter got a ton of Calvin and Hobbes books. In yet another, involving Pearls Before Swine, when Peter says he'll hide all Jason's books, Jason eggs Peter to return his Calvin and Hobbes books, which had been taken due to "the noodle incident", an inside joke (in Calvin and Hobbes, there's a "noodle incident" which goes unexplained, but is a constant reason for Calvin not being allowed to do certain things). In another strip, Calvin can be seen in the background as Andy is at a bookshop. This strip would become the basis for "At Least This Place Sells T-Shirts". In the strip occurring on October 31, 2004, Phoebe is seen dressing up as a tiger, and she is holding a Calvin doll in her hand.