Bury My Heart at Fun Fun Mountain is the fifth book collection of FoxTrot strips, featuring the strips originally published in the remaining months of 1991 and the first few months of 1992. Its contents were reprinted in Enormously FoxTrot.

The book's cover art is based on the story arc that ran from June 17-29, 1991, in which the family visits the Fun Fun Mountain amusement park, though the titular sentence is not said at any point in the storyline.

Oddly, perhaps in order to place the Fun Fun Mountain arc at the very front of the book, the order of the strips reprinted are slightly re-arranged. The storyline in which Peter punches out Mike Barnes, which ran from June 3-8, 1991, and therefore would come first in this book chronologically, is instead placed in the middle of the book, between Miss O'Malley's introductory arc (September 2-7) and the arc where Jason and Marcus try to play football (September 8-13). Additionally, the week of strips that preceded the Fun Fun Mountain arc (June 10-15) are moved to after it.